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  • Kristen Daihes and Mohsen Moarefdoost Ph.D.May 23rd 2017 Welcome Back In our first series of this blog, we talked about the wave of M&A activity and shared 7 examples of how strategic optimization should be explored to support this activity. We also talked about the elusive “size of the prize” as companies go after big... Read More »
  • (Click here for a pdf white paper on service level measures in the supply chain.  The following article is the full text.  This also appeared as a two-part series in Supply Chain Digest.) Purpose of Document This document is meant to help explain different service level measures in the supply chain.  Specifically, we are going... Read More »
  • Kristen Daihes and Mohsen Moarefdoost Ph.D.May 18th 2017 A Wave of M&A Activity It is no surprise we are in another wave of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity with more on the horizon. Across the consumer goods industry alone Unilever stirred up quite the excitement with their acquisition of Dollar Shave Club, more recently the... Read More »
  • Mike Watson recently shared his insights on the impacts of driverless trucks on the network design and supply chain operations (here and here and here). If you are still suspicious about the effects of using self-driving vehicles, there are actually live use cases that can be found within many of the world’s supply chains today.... Read More »
  • Blog Series: Demystifying Data Science

    Austin Haygood Mar 7th, 2017
    Blog Series: Demystifying Data Science If you are like me, you hear terms like machine learning, data mining, algorithms, etc. talked about as needed solutions all the time. For years I would hear these terms and think to myself, “Yeah, I think I know what that means” or “Am I the only person in the... Read More »
  • Peer Bank Recommender

    admin Feb 13th, 2017
    Hari Murakonda and Sanjeevni WanchooFebruary 14th 2017 Introduction If you’ve ever been part of stress testing at a bank, you have probably heard of term “peer banks” often. So who are these peer banks ? Why would a subject bank like to know its peers ? What role do peer banks play in stress testing... Read More »
  • The above picture is one I took while on vacation in Costa Rica.  We were going to a remote beach at the end of a 3-mile pothole and rut-stricken dirt road.  We happened to be following a truck making a delivery.  The truck got stuck by an overhanging tree.  The driver immediately got out, with... Read More »
  • There has been a lot of talk about how driverless trucks may reduce the need for drivers and how will our economy replace these 2 million good blue collar jobs. The same conversation is going on for the larger economy with all the buzz around artificial intelligence. Lots of smart people and deep thinkers are... Read More »
  • I often get asked what organization design construct is most effective in building out analytics capabilities within an organization. In canvassing our client base, all approaches broadly fit into three organization design constructs: centralized, center-led, and de-centralized. Other than the presence of an Analytics COE, there is no common construct in organization design that I... Read More »
  • Book Review: My thoughts on “Shoe Dog”

    Hari Murakonda Jan 26th, 2017
    Shoe Dog, a memoir from Phil Knight, the Founder of Nike, is one of the best books I have read in recent times. From the beginning, the book is filled with gripping and inspiring stories. At the age of 24, having embarked on a world trip, his interpretation of the experiences in the trip was... Read More »
  •   Driverless trucks could have a large impact on the design of your supply chain. Jeff Potts of LeanLogistics wrote a nice blog post that hit on some of these ideas. He gave us a few good insights: Driverless trucks promise to reduce transportation costs by avoiding getting more use from each truck without having... Read More »