At Opex Analytics, we think analytics will transform operations across virtually all industries. Our monthly Analytics Academy is meant to provide a forum to help you learn more about Advanced Analytics and how it could help transform your business. It is based on experiences from past projects, the industry trends we notice, books we’ve written, and the classes we have taught at Northwestern and other leading universities. We hope you will use this opportunity (free of charge) to help educate yourself and your company.


Ege Demirel Ege Demirel (TMC/CH Robinson)
"The webinar today was amazing! It immediately got me thinking about how we can apply this in the context of some areas in our own organization. I feel they could greatly benefit from these types of value-add activities."
Lee Leifsen Lee Leifsen (Clearwater Paper)
"I partnered with Michael and team on a consulting project Opex collaborated with my company on. It was one of the best experiences of my career. Michael and his team imparted more than just answers…they imparted knowledge and a curiosity to learn; truly inspirational. If you have time to participate…it will be worth the investment of your time. Enjoy!"
Tom Nicholas Tom Nicholas (Supply Chain Consultant)
"I find the Opex Academy webinars an efficient way to get more familiar with the capabilities and challenges associated with the advanced analytics that are transforming operations and supply chain management. The Opex team has the deep expertise that is required to make complex ideas and approaches relatable in a short session. Unlike some other webinars, they share their expertise with impressive clarity and illustrate ideas without hyperbole or self-promotion."
Erik Lopezmalo Erik Lopezmalo (Supply Chain Design Professional)
"I’ve enjoyed these sessions. They are tailored in such a way that complex concepts (such as AI) are easy to understand to non-technical managers. Sessions are straight-forward and pinpoint just what you need to know of a certain topic or how and when to apply some analytical technique. The follow-up materials from the sessions are also of value, some of them I even forwarded to my colleagues."

Upcoming Academy Sessions

First Quarter 2018 Academy Series
All Things Inventory:
Throughout the first quarter of 2018, Opex Analytics will be running three Academy sessions focused solely on inventory in order to help you better understand the science behind inventory and how trends in machine learning will begin to touch inventory in the near future. We will also provide practical tips for building an inventory process that is right for your business. Sign up to join us and refresh your inventory understanding, spark some new ideas for your own inventory solutions, and learn more about the coming trends in inventory planning.

Join the January Academy session led by Opex Partner Michael Watson, and Opex Sr. Research Associate Larry Snyder as they kick off our Inventory Series by walking you through the science of inventory optimization.  This session will help you better understand the right way to model your inventory in order to remove working capital and improve service.  We will cover the basics–because they are still powerful, still in use, and ... READ MORE & REGISTER NOW!

Learn from the Past

Download Previous Session Recordings and Presentations below