Analytics for Small and Medium Sized Firms

Michael Watson Ph.D Partner
Read Time: 1 minute apprx.
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A lot of press around analytics is focused on large and exciting projects.  But, analytics can be applied to firms of any size.

Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management’s recent magazine published an article, “Think you are too small for Big Data?  THINK AGAIN.

At Opex Analytics, we are providing a variety of analytic solutions for small and medium sized businesses.  For example, in the area of transportation analytics, you can do quite a lot with relatively simple tools.  Also, our map portals can be easily deployed.  They are hosted in the cloud and are ready for mobile devices.  You can gain a lot of new insight on your business by combining your current data on a map.  And, since the application is mobile-ready, you can deploy to your people in the field.