Benefits of Map Portals for your Analytics Projects

Michael Watson Ph.D Partner
Read Time: 1 minute apprx.
mapping network design supply chain visualization

Earlier this week, I wrote an article for Supply Chain Digest about enhancing your network design capabilities with a map portal:

Since the mapping in a network design projects leads to so much value, you should considering providing this type of visualization on an on-going basis.  You can get a lot more value if your organization routinely viewed the business with a map and had the ability to interact with the data and ask questions.  This can be a much more powerful than just writing queries from your data warehouse to get a table of information.

In addition to using a map portal to understand your supply chain, you can also use a map to better understand your entire business.  You can use it to help drive sales, enter new markets, and understand competition.  It can be a great analytics platform.