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Operations and Supply Chain
  • With Amazon’s recent announcement of buying Whole Foods, it is worth reviewing some of the supply chain lessons in the late 2013 book The Everything Store. I’ve followed Amazon closely for a few years, and embarrassingly, I missed the 2013 book The Everything Store, until now. The book was a good read. Although it doesn’t... Read More »
  • Book Review: Stretch

    Alex Banks Watson Jun 5th, 2017
    In Stretch Scott Sonenshein argues that a lack of resources is far less of a handicap than usually thought. Rather, it forces us to take action based on what we have available to us right now, in terms of time frame, budget, workforce, and physical equipment. This is a refreshing concept when the gut response... Read More »
  • Simple Models for Next Day or Next Hour Delivery

    Michael Watson Ph.D Dec 2nd, 2015
    (This article first appeared on SupplyChainDigest) When we wrote the book Supply Chain Network Design, we intentionally started with a very simple model to help people build intuition on how the math works.  This simple model optimized the location of facilities to minimize the distance to the customers.  This model did not consider costs, capacities,... Read More »