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  • The above picture is one I took while on vacation in Costa Rica.  We were going to a remote beach at the end of a 3-mile pothole and rut-stricken dirt road.  We happened to be following a truck making a delivery.  The truck got stuck by an overhanging tree.  The driver immediately got out, with... Read More »
  • There has been a lot of talk about how driverless trucks may reduce the need for drivers and how will our economy replace these 2 million good blue collar jobs. The same conversation is going on for the larger economy with all the buzz around artificial intelligence. Lots of smart people and deep thinkers are... Read More »
  • Book Review: My thoughts on “Shoe Dog”

    Hari Murakonda Jan 26th, 2017
    Shoe Dog, a memoir from Phil Knight, the Founder of Nike, is one of the best books I have read in recent times. From the beginning, the book is filled with gripping and inspiring stories. At the age of 24, having embarked on a world trip, his interpretation of the experiences in the trip was... Read More »
  •   Last month, Bloomberg Businessweek ran a story on how the New England Paper Tube company made a comeback from bankruptcy by focusing on the products it could make profitably (and that no one else could).  It is worth a quick read– it is a very small company, but has two interesting lessons. The first... Read More »
  • On Dec 15th, Snapfish, a photo services company, found themselves on the front page of the USA Today. Unfortunately, the reason they made the front page was that they were very late in shipping Christmas cards to customers.  And, customers were upset. We saw something similar during Christmas 2013 when UPS and FedEx could not... Read More »
  •   (This article first appeared on SC Digest.  It was a report from the annual CSCMP Conference) With the current low price of diesel fuel and the expected continuing drop in the price of oil, I was wondering how much interest there would be in the CSCMP talk on natural gas trucks.  My question was... Read More »
  • At CSCMP’s annual meeting, I got the chance to listen a talk from Benjamin Moore on how they redesigned their supply chain.  Here were the top five lessons I gleaned from the talk (you can find this list and more details in the full article on Supply Chain Digest): Expect a study to take 3-4... Read More »