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  • I often get asked what organization design construct is most effective in building out analytics capabilities within an organization. In canvassing our client base, all approaches broadly fit into three organization design constructs: centralized, center-led, and de-centralized. Other than the presence of an Analytics COE, there is no common construct in organization design that I... Read More »
  • As we reflect back on 2016, a few interesting themes emerge on the importance of operations in business: Some of the biggest brands in the world are promoting talent into key leadership positions with a foundation in operations.  David Taylor is just over a year into his role as President & CEO of Procter &... Read More »
  • Who is Afraid of the Big (Bad) Wolf?

    Diego Klabjan Aug 19th, 2016
      In May 2016 I participated at the IRI Annual meeting in Orlando. I attended the round table “Implications of Big Data on R&D Management” organized by the Big Data Working Group where I serve as a subject matter expert. The discussion was moderated by Mike Blackburn, R&D Portfolio/Program Leader, Cargill. The participants from companies... Read More »
  • When I was a planner more than 15 years ago for a consumer goods manufacturer, I approached each Monday morning with dread.  Not because I did not enjoy the company I was working for, rather I knew that I would be entering into a period of painstaking 5-Why research looking back a week to categorize... Read More »
  • Many companies are sitting on an asset and aren’t realizing its value. This asset is the data you have from customer call transcripts and complaints.  A lot of such call transcripts and customer complaint databases have existed for a long time without drawing much interest as a source of broader insights. In most cases, the... Read More »
  • (This article first appeared in SupplyChainDigest and was co-authored by Sara Lewis) Recent advances in computing and availability of data have driven an explosion of enthusiasm around predictive analytics. As these algorithms and technology spread through companies and industries, it has become increasingly important to have knowledge of key concepts that extend beyond buzzwords. There... Read More »
  • Introduction Video to Opex Analytics

    Michael Watson Ph.D Dec 14th, 2015
    Be sure to check out our 2 and 1/2 minute introduction to Opex Analytics.
  • Yesterday’s Chicago Tribune ran an article on how All State and the City of Chicago are combining existing data sets with predictive analytics to solve long-standing problems.  These problems include how to best conduct restaurant inspections to minimize food-borne illness, how to inspect elevators to prevent problems, and which trees to trim to minimize damage after... Read More »
  • What is the status of the truckload transportation market?  Does demand outstrip supply?  Does supply outstrip demand?  Is the market relatively balanced?  These are hard questions to answer because, unlike commodities such as corn or beef, there is no centralized exchange for truckload transportation. So if a shipper wonders why their contracted carriers are rejecting... Read More »
  • After receiving a lot of feedback on our video interview on data cleaning, we just published an article on Supply Chain Digest on the top five rules for cleaning data in a strategic project: #1:  Be patient. Usually by the time the project starts, the management team wants (or has been promised) fast results. It... Read More »
  • Customer Behavior from Web and Text Data

    Diego Klabjan Mar 3rd, 2015
    Many sites and portals offer text content on web pages. For example, news aggregators such as The Huffington Post or Google News allow users to browse news stories; membership-based portals focusing on a specific industry, e.g., for construction, offer members a one-stop page for the latest and greatest updates in a particular domain; in... Read More »