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  • In an earlier blog, I talked about how Artificial Intelligence is already transforming supply chain planning. It is fundamentally changing the competitive landscape in supply chain operations, and those leading the pack have experimented in a few distinct areas. I also challenged you to start exploring where investment could drive top and bottom line impact... Read More »
  • Kristen Daihes and Ganesh RamakrishnaAugust 3rd 2017 The world’s foremost thought leader in Artificial Intelligence, Andrew Ng, said that AI is the new electricity (Andrew Ng Interview). Electricity changed how the world operated… and AI is poised to have a similar impact. This transformation is already underway in the supply chain planning space and you... Read More »
  • There was a fantastic article in the Wall Street Journal recently – Wall Street to CEOs: Disrupt Your Industry, or Else. A key message from the article, when Ford’s CEO got fired for not acting fast enough or bold enough in fighting all the Silicon Valley start-ups. “To make things worse for established players, investors... Read More »
  • Peer Bank Recommender

    admin Feb 13th, 2017
    Hari Murakonda and Sanjeevni WanchooFebruary 14th 2017 Introduction If you’ve ever been part of stress testing at a bank, you have probably heard of term “peer banks” often. So who are these peer banks ? Why would a subject bank like to know its peers ? What role do peer banks play in stress testing... Read More »
  • Dealing With Poor Predictive Models

    Hari Murakonda Sep 23rd, 2016
  • Imagining the Supply Chain of 2030

    Kristen Daihes Sep 15th, 2016
      I had the opportunity to join the Supply Chain Insight Global Summit last week in Arizona.  As expected, this summit did not disappoint.  Lora Cecere has a knack for pushing practitioners, vendors, and consultants outside of their comfort zone.  She uses data to weave a story about reality that we cannot refute, and then... Read More »
  • Who is Afraid of the Big (Bad) Wolf?

    Diego Klabjan Aug 19th, 2016
      In May 2016 I participated at the IRI Annual meeting in Orlando. I attended the round table “Implications of Big Data on R&D Management” organized by the Big Data Working Group where I serve as a subject matter expert. The discussion was moderated by Mike Blackburn, R&D Portfolio/Program Leader, Cargill. The participants from companies... Read More »
  • Role of Loss Functions in Machine Learning

    Mohsen Moarefdoost Ph.D. Jun 30th, 2016
  • Many companies are sitting on an asset and aren’t realizing its value. This asset is the data you have from customer call transcripts and complaints.  A lot of such call transcripts and customer complaint databases have existed for a long time without drawing much interest as a source of broader insights. In most cases, the... Read More »
  • Mathematical Optimization and Machine Learning

    Mohsen Moarefdoost Ph.D. Feb 15th, 2016
    You won’t be surprised if I tell you machine learning, data mining and data science are hot topics today. But, you might be wondering what makes you an expert in these fields? You definitely need to know basic data wrangling, munging and manipulation. Also, you should be familiar with tools like Python, R, MATLAB, and... Read More »
  • (This article first appeared in SupplyChainDigest and was co-authored by Sara Lewis) Recent advances in computing and availability of data have driven an explosion of enthusiasm around predictive analytics. As these algorithms and technology spread through companies and industries, it has become increasingly important to have knowledge of key concepts that extend beyond buzzwords. There... Read More »
  •   MH&L recently published an article on the Top 10 advanced technologies that will shape manufacturing’s future.  The research was done by Deloitte and the US Council on Competitiveness. Here is the list: Predictive analytics Smart, connected products (Internet-of-Things) Advanced materials Smart factories (Internet-of-Things) Digital design, simulation and integration High performance computing Advanced robotics 3D... Read More »
  • Machine Learning and High Quality Potato Chips

    Michael Watson Ph.D Dec 16th, 2015
    I always like learning about new applications of machine learning algorithms to improve operations.  And, I especially like ones that are easy to explain. I ran across one such application in a podcast interview of Frito-Lay’s Brendan O’Donohoe where he was discussing the potato chip supply chain.  One of the interesting stories he told was... Read More »
  • image of bank
    Dodd-Frank Act Stress Testing (DFAST) is now required also for smaller banks with assets less than $50 billion. Simply stated, the test requires a bank to assess possible losses in future years from the loans on the books. A report exploring many different future economic scenarios such as increases in the unemployment rates or short... Read More »