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  • Dealing With Poor Predictive Models

    Hari Murakonda Sep 23rd, 2016
  • We’ve all been there. You have spent all week getting the optimal results and now you have a short time to put your results in a presentable form. You can spend hours getting the right answer, but if your delivery isn’t clear then that may overshadow all the hard work you’ve done. When designing a... Read More »
  • Whether for documentation or reporting, incorporating document producing packages in your R code will allow you to easily share your code and its outputs. Incorporating these methods will improve your productivity especially if the process is iterative or recurring. You will also avoid copying and pasting code and graphs over and over again! Today we... Read More »
  • Below are useful guidelines for how to build and maintain a data-centered process that can help drive analytical capability for you and your organization.   Businesses across all industries are pushing to grow their data and analytical capabilities. In the pursuit of a data-driven business, common mistakes can be made. To help you better navigate... Read More »
  • A Tech Tip on Interpolation

    Sari Nahmad Jan 21st, 2016
    This week’s tech tip is on interpolation, one kind of data transformation data scientists use to create new data points within the range of a discrete set of existing data points. This technique is often used to transform quarterly data to monthly data. Presented below are three common methods of interpolation that convert the original... Read More »