Michael Watson
August 17th 2016

Come join us for an IndustryWeek webinar we are doing with FICO on Sept 13 at 2PM ET/1 PM CT.  Click here for details on how to register.

Here are the details:

Title:  How Optimization Can Supercharge Your Manufacturing Organization
Manufacturing and Supply Chain managers have long known about the power of optimization. Optimization can help you enhance your workforce and line scheduling, better mix products to meet quality standards, improve production planning, enhance truck loading, optimize production across plants, create stronger S&OP plans and rebalance inventory — among other business uses.

However, manufacturing firms struggle with finding off-the-shelf applications that fit their particular manufacturing or supply chain environment. And as the speed of business continually accelerates, keeping applications up-to-date also becomes a challenge.

In this webinar, learn more about:

  • How technology and analytic enhancements in optimization are helping manufacturing firms take advantage of the data to make better decisions, faster
  • Real examples of leading organizations that are using optimization to drive substantial bottom-line benefits and more profitable decisions
  • How your frontline manufacturing and supply chain teams can take advantage of all these capabilities — accelerating your time to value and collaboration