Michael Watson
August 22 2016

(This talk is sponsored by the Loyola Supply and Value Chain Center. The session will be from 10:15 to 11:45 am CT on Thursday Sept 15 at Loyola’s Cuneo Mansion and Gardens at 1350 Milwaukee Ave, Vernon Hills, IL 60061.  Click here for the calendar of events and here to go straight the registration page.)

Come join us for an engaging and educational introduction to what managers and business analysts need to know about analytics, big data, and the internet of things (or sensor analytics). This talk will cut through the buzzwords and clearly explain the fast evolving field of analytics. The emphasis will be on what you need to know as a manager– What do the terms mean? What should you know about? What are others doing? What ideas should you take back to your organization?

This talk would be great for all people from all functions in your organization: supply chain, finance, sales, operations, and engineering. It is a great chance to get everyone in your organization thinking about how analytics could help your business.

Here is what Betsey Nohe, VP of Supply Chain at Morton Salt says: “Analytics is such an exciting field– all companies should be embracing it. Machine learning, predictive analytics, and sensor analytics is not just for Google, Netflix, and other high tech firms– many firms can benefit from these new technologies. This session is a great one to bring people from different functions in your organization– you can get everyone using the same definitions of analytics and thinking about how to get value from it in your business.”

The talk will be led by Michael Watson who has written a book called Managerial Analytics and has taught graduate level courses at Northwestern of the same title. The talk will contain many case studies and business applications as well as help you understand the intuition behind the concepts.

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