Michael Watson
April 14th 2016

A last minute change in schedule allowed us to speak at the upcoming Insurance Data Management Association meeting in Philadelphia next Monday (the 18th).  We will be speaking at 2:30 in Track 1.

If you are there, stop by.  I think you’ll like the talk.  Here are the details:

Title: Managerial Analytics and Data Monetization
Speaker: Michael Watson; Partner at Opex Analytics; Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University; Author of the book Managerial Analytics

The field of analytics is rapidly evolving, making it difficult for professionals to keep up with the most current trends and new ideas.  And, there is more pressure to create value from your data.
In this session, I will help participants sort through the field of analytics and cut through the buzzwords.  You will see what is new, and what can help you run your business better and get new ideas.


The talk will be educational and practical.  It will draw on many case studies and examples from inside and outside the insurance industry.  We will cover:


  • What analytics is and isn’t.  We will show some great examples of successful usage – and other examples where the term is being misused
  • How can these new machine learning algorithms help you?  (And, what this term actually means)
  • What does a business manager need to know about “Big Data,” (the 3 definitions should give you some new ideas).
  • How do you monetize the data you have and create new revenue streams? We will cover what Monetized Data Elements (MDE’s) are and how they are different from Critical Data Elements?