Michael Watson
February 24th 2014

We will be talking at CSCMP’s annual spring seminar in Chicago on Tuesday April 8th.  We are speaking at 1:45 on Managerial Analytics:  What a Supply Chain Professional Needs to Know.

Here is a description of the talk:

The field of analytics is rapidly evolving, making it difficult for professionals to keep up the most current trends and new ideas. In this session, Michael will help participants sort through the field, show what is new, and help supply chain professionals understand how it may help their business. Drawing on extensive experience implementing, planning, and researching advanced analytics for business, Michael will explain this, and more:

  • What analytics is and isn’t: great examples of successful usage – and other examples where the term is being misused
  • The difference between using analytics and “competing on analytics”
  • What is “Big Data,” how does it relate to analytics, and how can it help the supply chain?
  • What is Data Science and what are these new Machine Learning algorithms?