Michael Watson
February 01st 2014

We will be speaking at the Logistics CIO Forum in Dallas on March 4-5, 2014.

We will be speaking in Theme One:  Big Data and Business Intelligence: More Than Just Hype? How to Convert Big Data into Business Value.

Here is the write-up of the topic from forum:

This session will encourage you to recognize the value of analytics towards improving both your own and your customers’ operations. Gain expert insight into how to enhance your analytics capabilities to fully capitalize on big data opportunities.

You’ll explore:

In Theory

  • Interpreting Big Data: how to manage and normalize information without building empires around existing solutions – converting Big Data into business value

In Practice

  • Learn how Big Data-Handling and Analytics technologies such as weblogs, trailer tags, EOBRs, mobile devices and social platforms are being harnessed by 3PLs to refine their operations
  • Explore how predictive analytics can optimize your operations and customer offering. Discover what transformative potential predictive analytics could have on data aggregation, and what leading software is available for turning analytics into a competitive advantage
  • Optimize real-time technologies: Hear the various ways that real-time technologies are being used. For example; minimize risk through vehicle routing and make use of mobile and wireless connectivity between deliveries and distribution facilities to aid time compression

Session Speakers

Diego Klabjan, Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management, Northwestern University
Aaron Baker, Senior Director of Supply Chain Management, Damco
Matt Davis, Director of Supply Chain Research, Gartner
Richard Bayston, CIO Agility Logistics
Jeff Jones, VP of IT, UPS SC Solutions