Michael Watson
May 24th 2016

If you will be at LLamasoft’s SummerCon, we will be speaking on Thursday at 10:15.

The talk is a follow up to last’s year’s talk on what a supply chain manager needs to know about the field of analytics.  Our goal with the talk is to give you new ideas for using analytics to run a better supply chain.

Here is the summary of the talk:

Start Time: 10:15 AM | End Time: 11:15 AM | Location: Grand Salon, Suite C Level 1 | Track: Planning and Analytics | Speakers: Michael Watson, Sara Hoormann (Lewis)

The field of analytics and big data is moving quickly. Many ideas are moving from companies like Google, Netflix, and Amazon to more traditional firms. Ideas like Internet of Things (sensors), deep learning, and cognitive learning are starting to be talked about by supply chain executives. This talk will cover how these latest trends are impacting the supply chain. We will explore the new and unexploited sources of big data within the supply chain. We will highlight cases showing how this data can be used to drive better predictions, uncover areas for improvement, and help automate supply chain processes. The talk will cover case studies, examples in practice, further readings, and cut through the buzzwords.