Michael Watson
June 03rd 2015

We are giving a talk with WhiteWave Foods on the work we did with them to build a front-end interface for their network modeling tool.  This interface gives them an innovative way to collaborate on the data input to ensure accuracy.  And, with up-to-date and detailed data, they can very quickly run models and answer questions from the business.

The talk will be at LLamasoft’s SummerCon 2015 in Park City, UT.  This talk is scheduled for Thursday, June 25 from 3:00-3:45 (local time).  If you are going to be at SummerCon, be sure to look us up.

Here is the abstract for the talk:

WhiteWave Foods: An Innovative New Network Design Interface for Collaborative and Rapid Modeling

Jeff Schmidtke, Sr. Manager, Network Optimization and Process Improvement, WhiteWave Foods; Erik Fuhrmeister, Network Optimization Analyst, WhiteWave Foods and Michael Watson, Partner at Opex Analytics

Learn how WhiteWave Foods built a custom web-based interface to automatically build and run LogicNet Plus network optimization models. We’ll demonstrate this interface, which acts as a front end to the network design tool and gives modelers and manufacturing and transportation practitioners an intuitive way to collaborate on the data inputs. Because it maintains past data, has links to the latest data and allows the user to quickly update parameters, the interface can help speed the modeling process, enabling the modeling team to respond to new requests in a matter of days.