Heat Maps Track Customers in Store- A Chance to Apply Analytics To Make a Better Experience

Michael Watson Ph.D Partner
Read Time: 1 minute apprx.
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WSJ Picture of Heat Maps

The Wall Street Journal recently reported the continued rise of heat maps to track customers in stores (“Tracking Technology Sheds Light on Shopper Habits”).  This is not a new trend.  An article in the Economist last year pointed out the rise of in-store cameras to track customers.

Both these articles point out that this trend allows retailers to catch up to their on-line counter parts.  Online retailers know exactly how customers behave, what they look at, and when they buy.  These on-line retailers have long mined this data to make the on-line shopping experience better– better for you and better for them.

The trend to track consumers in stores will give traditional retailers a trove of new data to help make their shopping experience better.

The rise in additional sensors allows you to analyze your business in ways that just weren’t possible a few years ago.  It should be interesting to see how all this data shakes out.