Helping You Teach the Value of Optimization

Daniel Kimmel Technical Writer
Read Time: 2 minutes apprx.
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Earlier in October, Opex Analytics’ Sara Hoormann (Lewis) was featured on Supply Chain Digest with her article “Simple Game for Teaching the Value of Optimization

Within the featured article, Sara:

1) Explains the increasing importance for professionals in optimization to view themselves as educators, not simply implementers, of analytics solutions. She argues that becoming an effective educator is a key move along the path of “fueling your organization’s appetite” to innovate and implement analytics solutions now and in the future.

2) Introduces a simple tool, jointly developed by LLamasoft and Opex Analytics, which helps you become the educator you need to be in order to convince your organization of the true value and power of optimization: The Slick Oil Distribution Game. The game is designed to demonstrate the value of optimization in an effective and interesting way to whomever your audience may be, from key stakeholders to new hires and beyond.

Don’t just read Sara’s article, but play the game for yourself (links to the Game and Game Guide are contained within). You will find it very useful the next time you are introducing or justifying an optimization based solution to a reluctant audience. Bringing the audience to realize the value through their own trials is much more effective and lasting than the usual dry definition preached to the crowd or slapped up on another boring ppt slide!