Interactive Twitter Analysis of NCAA Elite 8 Weekend

Bradford Winkelman
Read Time: 1 minute apprx.
data science social media data sports text analytics

Last Sunday we followed March Madness on Twitter to see what fans and rivals were discussing during the final day of the Elite Eight competitions. Looking at the trends you can almost feel the emotions of the various fan bases. For example, check out the spike for #louisville and compare it to the subsequent spike for #msu. If you are a sports fan, you can feel the hope rise up for the Cardinals and the crushing silence as the Spartans pull away in overtime. In the later game, the roar of #dukenation dominates all other hashtags, while their #wolfpack neighbors show a surprising amount of both negative and positive sentiment throughout the game. And quietly but clearly, #b1g shows its pride in placing two teams in the final four. If you know where to look, analyzing tweets can provide valuable insight into what both expected and unexpected crowds are thinking.