Advanced Analytics Training

Michael Watson Ph.D Partner

Training is a big part of our offering.  We don’t want to just deliver slides; we want our clients to understand the solutions we are delivering and want to help them build their in-house analytics skills.  The field of analytics is taking off right now and we want our clients to be able to take advantage of the real impact that appropriate applications of analytics can produce, cutting beyond the buzzwords.

We offer training at a variety of levels:

  1.  Managers who want to understand analytics and how best to apply it to their organization.
  2.  IT professionals who want to dig into Big Data technology and how it could benefit their technical infrastructure.
  3.  Business analysts who are less technical than the IT professionals above, who want applied knowledge of big data technologies in the Hadoop ecosystem.
  4.  Supply chain business users who want a deeper understanding of the IBM ILOG optimization and supply chain tools
  5.  Statistical business users who want to translate their current knowledge and process into the power and flexibility of programming in R.

We have trained hundreds of people over the years and know how to translate difficult technical concepts to business professionals.