Center of Excellence

Jung-Hee Oh Data Scientist

Algorithms are transforming the world of operations. With a well-rounded range of skills in data science, data engineering, and operations research, Opex Analytics has brought great successes in partnering with large companies to serve as a center of excellence for their supply chain and analytics problems in ways they have not been set up to solve before.

We offer a team with the ability to tailor our solutions to a variety of problems — from predicting stock outs to product segmentation to omni-channel fulfillment strategies, among others. We are set up to be able to leverage your big data platform effectively (for example your Hadoop install), identify where advanced techniques like deep learning are appropriate, solve complex optimization and network design problems with traditional and non-traditional methods, and quickly build custom applications for business users to integrate our solutions into repeatable processes. A COE partnership allows us to minimize the set-up costs of starting a project with a familiarity of technical architecture and organizational structures.

Some of our COE partners include one of the world’s largest sports/fashion brands, a global CPG company, and a national containers & packaging company. We’ve provided a portfolio of solutions, large and small, enabling them to improve on their business processes or take on new challenges.