DFAST: Statistical Models for Loan Loss Prediction

Michael Watson Ph.D Partner

Due to stringent post financial crisis legislation, financial compliance is constantly becoming ever more costly and time consuming. With vast expertise in modeling, advanced analytics and the financial services industry, Opex Analytics can help your institution meet its DFAST reporting requirements.

Passing Stress Tests require well-designed, tested and transparent models. In addition to developing state-of-the-art loss models which meet regulatory standards, Opex Analytics can assist your bank in maintaining models in order to stay on top of DFAST requirements.

Opex Analytics could provide the following services to your firm:

1.  Understanding portfolio and overall business risk factors

2.  Prepare internal (and external) data so that it’s ready for the model.

3.  Building master data storage and governance rules

4.  Developing robust models that take into account the unique aspects of your business

5.  Provide transparent documentation on the model to aid in validation and regulatory approval

6.  Maintaining and supporting models for on-going use

We’ve worked with financial institutions and built a platform for banks to easily meet these requirements, providing a user-friendly interface to choose from a menu of modeling options and parameters to compare models and report findings.  Read our white paper here.