Supply Chain Optimization

Michael Watson Ph.D Partner

We have completed many supply chain optimization projects, have helped companies implement supply chain tools, and have developed supply chain applications.

Among many other solutions, we have helped companies determine how many and where to locate warehouses and plants, how to best route trucks and minimize transportation costs, how to best determine inventory policies, and where to find the best opportunities in postponement and risk pooling. We’ve also developed sophisticated algorithms to solve complicated scheduling problems where traditional solutions would fail to account for the complexities involved in sequence-dependent setups.

Although many of these techniques have been around for a long time, we continue to innovate and bring new ideas in operations research and data science to a wide range of problems, helping companies get more value. Our scenario analyses help companies identify and quantify the trade-offs involved in a solution in order to choose the best implementations for their business.

You can get more information on the supply chain optimization page or see our book on supply chain network design.

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