Lack of Analytics Skills May Be Holding Back Your Supply Chain

Michael Watson Ph.D Partner
Read Time: 1 minute apprx.
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Supply Chain Digest just released a very nice report on the current state of supply chain planning.  I wrote a follow-on article commenting on the section about the biggest supply chain technology barriers.   (This link will take you to my article where you can find a link to the report).

Here is an excerpt:

Running a modern supply chain is quite complex.  It now requires that you have the analytics skills to take advantage of the data that is available to the supply chain team.

The supply chain is awash with data.  If you can take advantage of this data, you can do better planning , find inefficiencies, improve customer service, gain new insights, and get out in front of your competition.

We see a big opportunity for folks in the supply chain to enhance their analytics skills and pick take advantage of the wealth of data.  It is one of the reasons we wrote the book, Managerial Analytics.  We’ll also cover this during our talk at the Chicago CSCMP event on April 8th.