Lora Cecere on the Role of Analytics in the Supply Chain

Michael Watson Ph.D Partner
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defining analytics supply chain

Lora Cecere recently published an article in Data Informed, The Role of Analytics in the Race for the Supply Chain of the Future.  Here is a slice:

For most companies, the word analytics is synonymous with reporting. But despite thirty years of supply chain technology evolution, the most commonly used system for supply chain planning is a spreadsheet.  Companies cannot effectively model the trade-offs of growth, profitability, supply chain cycles such as procure to pay and inventory turns, and business operations complexity on a spreadsheet. As that complexity increases, most companies are unable to use supply chain systems to improve operating margin and inventory cycles

The new analytics movement can have a big impact on supply chain.  As Lora’s article points out, it will be important for supply chain managers to understand the field of analytics to help create their future supply chain.