Managers Need to Know Technical Details of Analytics

Michael Watson Ph.D Partner
Read Time: 2 minutes apprx.
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Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal ran an article titled “Who Needs to Know How to Code” that suggested the many executives should learn about coding:

Even people who don’t plan on becoming developers may hear at work that they ought to learn to code.

American Express Co.,General Electric Co. , Staples Inc., Merck & Co., Inc. and PepsiCo Inc.  have worked with General Assembly [a company that teaches people to code], Mr. Schwartz says. These corporations have sent senior teams to two-day programs on topics such as Introduction to Big Data and Rapid Prototyping, also known as computer-aided design.

The same idea applies to analytics.  As companies look to use their data to gain more insights or gain a competitive advantage, they will need to take advantage of the latest analytics technologies available to them– like machine learning and Big Data.  For this to happen in an organization, the management team needs to have some technical depth in the field– not necessarily enough depth to do the hands-on work, but enough to understand what the technology is doing.

This is one of the reasons we wrote the book Managerial Analytics and offer courses with same name— to help managers come to grips with the field of analytics.