Rapid Analytics Deployment Platform

What does it do for our clients?

The platform converts data science solutions developed in R, Python and other technologies by Opex, into modern web applications that business users will love using.

All in the matter of minutes and at zero additional cost.

This enables businesses to rapidly deploy more relevant and innovative data applications across the enterprise.

How does it work?

After our data scientists have developed and tested their algorithms which consume data from input files, they upload them to the platform which then immediately creates an application with a clean intuitive work flow for business users to configure inputs, parameters and re-run the analysis.

The algorithms and the visualizations can be built using any combination of open source and commercial technologies including Python, R, and Alteryx.

Why did we create this platform?

We saw three problems. First, our clients were building many different great analytics apps and didn’t have an easy and inexpensive way to deploy these apps. That is, they couldn’t get the apps into the hands of the users without having to write a clunky Excel or Access interface. Second, we found that often our clients had needs for many smaller apps where a commercial package didn’t exist or was overkill for the need. Third, we found that our clients needed to quickly prototype solutions and the best way to prototype a solution is to have an interface so you can get valuable feedback.

We wanted to put the power in the hands of our data scientists to deploy the applications easier and faster.

We built the platform to help solve that problem.

Where are the applications hosted?

We either host the application in a secure cloud environment or deploy on premise behind a client’s firewall depending on their preference.