Predictions that Save Big Money

Sara Lewis Solution Specialist
Read Time: 1 minute apprx.
anomaly detection data science predictive maintenance real-time analytics

Why is it that your car always seems to breakdown during your busiest week at work? Farmers fear the inevitable failure of their combine equipment during the peak of harvest season.  Plant managers struggle with knowing when and how their manufacturing equipment is causing the deterioration of the quality of their products.

Situations such as these are the basis of predictive maintenance solutions. Driven by predictive analytics, these solutions detect anomalies and failure patterns to determine assets and operational processes that are at risk of failure.  They can combine real-time device status, historical device data, maintenance schedules and environmental conditions to decode patterns.  These patterns then enable real time reports on asset health and recommend maintenance and/or inspections.

Utilizing predictive maintenance solutions has resulted in much more intelligent maintenance schedules and greatly decreases costly downtime.  The value also extends to a real time view of the quality of these assets and/or end products day in and day out.

IBM’s Predictive Maintenance technology and solutions have emerged as a major player in this area.  Check out their site to learn more.