WSJ Article on the Importance of Analytics to Your Career

Michael Watson Ph.D Partner
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Yesterday’s WSJ ran an article on the importance of analytics (“Get Familiar With Big Data Now—or Face ‘Permanent Pink Slip’“- may be behind a paywall).

The article is an interview with an executive recruiter, Linda Burtch, who has helped staffed the analytics groups at Darden Restaurants, Jack in the Box, Leo Burnett Worldwide, Foot Locker, Inc, and others.

The first paragraph sums up the interview quite well:

Sick of hearing about Big Data? Get used to it. Whether you believe analytics is a tired corporate buzzword or the key to future business growth, hundreds of companies are searching, and paying richly, for hires with quantitative skills.

When asked what people  in mid-career can do, she responds:  “M.B.A.s have looked around and said ‘I’m going to get passed by if I don’t increase my quantitative ability,’ so they’re going back to school…”

We are seeing similar sentiment with the clients we are working with.  If you are in the Chicago area, you can take our certificate program through DePaul (starting May 12).  Or, if you want a good book that explains the field of analytics to managers, our book Managerial Analytics is a good place to start.