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We partner with businesses to solve complex problems with a potent combination of human and artificial intelligence.

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Research. Discovery. Problem solving.

Every organization faces its own unique challenges. We work with you to research, identify and address the core drivers behind a spectrum of business problems. Through insight-driven, strategic AI solutions, Opex Analytics empowers businesses to make decisions better and faster.

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Design. Development. Deployment.

Iteratively translating and developing solutions into custom products, Opex Analytics enables businesses to create sustainable value in the shortest time possible.

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Math and science, coupled with a mature approach to problem solving.

Successful AI integration requires a multifaceted team that understands the science of what’s possible combined with strong business acumen and expertise in machine learning, deep learning, optimization and other emerging technologies.

At Opex Analytics, you’ll find a meeting ground for these diverse skill sets and a unique approach to unlock your true potential and reinvent your business.

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Off-the-shelf software will only get you so far. With the right combination of human and artificial intelligence, you can build a sustainable, competitive advantage for your business.

The classic beer game, now brewed with AI

Our idea of cracking open a cold one - a classic supply chain puzzle paired with a new approach to operational decision making. Can you beat the AI and find the best way to never run out of beer again?

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Partner with us to solve business problems with human and artificial intelligence.

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