AI-powered supplier management and risk mitigation for a food services company

Opex Analytics worked with the client to address the challenge of avoiding brand erosion by ensuring ongoing high food quality and service to the market throughout their complex web of suppliers.

We joined the team to consolidate vast amounts of supplier and performance data, providing value by first centralizing, rationalizing and establishing a common reporting platform. Opex Analytics then applied machine learning on top of this wealth of data in order to connect supplier activity and performance issues. The resultant models determine risk patterns and recommend preventive action when needed.

Our robust web application provides global visibility, ongoing supplier insights and alerts and recommendations to mitigate risk. Planners are now able to spend time on preventative actions as opposed to fighting fires after the fact. These insights also arm the procurement team with the ability to apply a fair set of standards across the entire supplier base and utilize performance-based clusters to adjust their strategic supplier management.

Since working with Opex Analytics, our client:

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