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The hardest part of integrating AI in organizations is translating strategic plans into practical applications.

Rapid AI implementation across the enterprise

App Studio OpenX abstracts away the complexity of deploying AI solutions by delivering modern web applications that harness our custom algorithms and data models.


Custom products for your business


Speed and agility

Opex Analytics brings a fundamentally different approach, ensuring enterprises experience the business benefits of AI earlier and faster. After we create unique algorithms and models to solve your problem, your business gets a fully-designed product in minutes, drastically reducing the time and cost to deploy, iterate and improve solutions.

Easy to use

With App Studio OpenX, we turn AI solutions into modern, usable web applications. Enable your teams to work faster and better through products that are simple, intuitive, robust and tailored to meet specific business needs.

Flexible deployment

Solutions can be deployed as a single product or a dashboard of products, based on each organization’s unique set of needs. Through the use of App Studio OpenX, our products can be deployed in any modern cloud environment.

Collaboration ready

Connect multiple users and enhance cross-functional coordination with role-based access, scenario management and customized reporting capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our technical FAQs to get a better idea of how our product will fit your enterprise.

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We built App Studio OpenX to give companies a competitive edge through cost-effective and efficient delivery of bespoke AI products. This drastically reduces the time spent deploying a wide range of industry-ready products, enabling our team to go beyond just analysis to delivering usable applications right from the start.

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Enable your developers and data scientists to deliver their own custom products using App Studio OpenX.

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