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Classic beer game.
Now brewed with Artificial Intelligence.

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Game Play

The beer game is a widely used supply chain game typically played in a classroom environment with a team of people. Our Opex Analytics Beer game provides computerized teammates and can be played wherever you take your laptop!

Artificial Intelligence Player

Artificial Intelligence Player

The Opex Analytics Beer Game is the only beer game that lets you play alongside or against a player powered by AI. Whether you win or lose, it’s a great way to learn about the potential use of AI algorithms to make optimal business decisions. Read on to get more insight into how the AI player works, as well as how to set up the game to include this type of player in the mix.

Beer Game
How do I teach the Opex Analytics Beer game?

How do I teach the Opex Analytics Beer game?

The Opex Analytics Beer Game was developed as an educational tool. How you go about facilitating the game can have an impact on how well the lessons come across however. Read on to learn our suggested tips, tricks and best practices for teaching the game to others.

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Is it really free ?

Yes! We created the Opex Beer Game as a free educational resource. It is free to use in education, industry, research, or any other setting. It’s not a demo version and there are no restrictions on how much you can play. No strings attached. Enjoy!

Why can’t I play with three other humans?

You can—but not yet. We’re still working on that feature. Stay tuned!

How can I report a bug or suggest a feature?

Bug reports, feature suggestions, and general feedback can be submitted in Contact Us Page in Beer Game. As well as through our support button at the start of the game.

Can I share this with others?

Yes! Please pass along the URL and info to whomever may find it interesting.

Why is the game about beer?

The game could be about any product you like, and some versions of the game use different stories. Early precursors of the game, in the 1950s, did not specify a product but were inspired by heavy manufacturing, e.g., for appliances. The game took on the name “beer game” in 1973, motivated by the fact that “a significant activity of the beer company is to maintain the minimum amount of beer necessary to satisfy customer demand reasonably quickly.” For a thorough history of the beer game, see this article.

Does the game work on mobile devices?

The Opex Analytics Beer Game was designed to run on a browser on a desktop or laptop computer. It might work on mobile browsers (e.g., Safari) but we have not tested the game rigorously on mobile platforms. There is currently no mobile app for the Opex Analytics Beer Game.

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