Solve challenging problems with remarkable people.

Join a team that learns together, plays together and works as one.

Open culture

We have a culture of openness where everyone from an intern to a partner has the freedom to experiment, voice their ideas and express their individuality. This extends to our belief in every person’s responsibility to establish transparent partnerships with our clients. Sitting alongside each client to learn their business, educate on our approach and provide access to our IP forms the basis of our long-term customer relationships.

Life at Opex Analytics

What happens when we bring together a diverse global team to work on some of the hardest problems businesses face today? Friendships are formed, learning is constant and powerful solutions are delivered every day.

One of my favorite parts about working for Opex is the opportunity to be on the leading edge of data science. I love how the Opex team learns from each other every day. It is incredibly rewarding to then use these experiences to bring new analytical approaches to life with our clients. Andy Fox, Principal
Our Values

Our core values inspire decisions, form the base for all the work we do and guide our interactions with employees and customers.

Real goals

We push boundaries to achieve ambitious goals that transform how businesses work.

Real value

We prioritize tangible business value. We use open-source software where possible, but ultimately apply technology in ways that work best for you.

Real relationships

We go the extra mile to build transparent, long-term partnerships with our clients.

Real talk

We avoid jargon, consulting buzzwords or inflated hype. We keep things as clear and simple as possible.

Real candor

We don’t fudge facts or slant narratives. Our goal is to give and receive constructive feedback on an iterative basis to arrive at the best solution.

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