Generating a competitive advantage through AI-driven applications for a transportation provider

Our transportation client felt a strong need to optimize and automate many of their manual and outdated planning processes, innovating the way they were doing business along the way.

Sitting side-by-side with transportation planners, we set out to completely understand ‘a day in the life’ of our client and their key stakeholders. Pairing this understanding with wider discussions about the future vision of the business inspired us to create a dashboard of intelligent web applications both automating and optimizing their daily operations. These high-powered custom products armed the business with decision support to manage their assets, find optimal routes for delivery vehicles, recommend the best spot market prices and make driver attrition predictions to address their ongoing labor shortage issues.

As a result, transportation planners were running more optimal processes while being freed up to spend the time needed to fix other unforeseen service issues for their clients. In addition, the management has already seen a decrease in driver turnover rates.

Since working with Opex Analytics, our client:

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