Beer Game

How Do I Play with the AI as My Teammate?

The default game settings do not give you an AI teammate.This was purposefully chosen so players can see how they did compared to how the AI algorithm would have done in the same circumstances (a popular use case). Another way of playing is to include the AI algorithm as one of your teammates in the supply chain. You can evaluate the performance of the AI algorithm in this case by playing with the AI algorithm on your team and then playing again without (keeping all the other settings the same). See whether the AI algorithm helps your overall supply chain do better!

So how do you change the settings to do this? If you want to have the AI algorithm as one of your teammates, select “Change Settings” on the Default Settings Screen and then navigate to the “Artificial Intelligence Player” under “Roles”. Select the role you would like the AI algorithm to play, and then hit “Next”. You are now set to play alongside the AI Player!

This will restrict the number of Demand Patterns you can choose from, since our AI agent is only trained for certain settings of the game.