Session 33: Best Practices for Scaling the Impact of AI within your Organization

Derek Nelson and Vish Oza, Opex Partner and Principal

Sep 25 2019

The role of data science teams within enterprise organizations is still evolving.  We often see data science teams being used to perform one-time analysis, with the goal of providing that single ‘aha’ moment for the business.  Weeks or months of model development results in a PPT deck or a spreadsheet with a short expiration date. While these projects can provide value, the businesses that will truly reinvent themselves using AI will do so with a more ‘product’ centric delivery approach.

The next generation of successful Data Scientists must have the mindset of delivering AI solutions that business users can quickly view, interpret, adjust and rerun time and again. This change in mindset is not an easy one however.  Join us in this academy session as we discuss key differentiators in approaching projects with the aim of delivering sustainable AI solutions. We will address the need to prioritize the business experience,write flexible code, conduct more rigorous QA, design and deploy a user friendly interface and more.  Our goal is help you shift your own delivery mindset and provide a solid set of best practices to help ensure success with your own decision support deliverables.