Session 1: Understanding and Building Analytics Capabilities

Kristen Daihes , Partner, Opex Analytics

This inaugural Academy Session aims to give you a solid foundation for truly understanding the full range of analytics; from the commonly understood descriptive category, to the new and growing predictive realm and of course, the ever powerful prescriptive solutions. These days the topic of ‘open source software’ often follows in the discussion of building out many analytics capabilities as well. We will discuss this category of software and the recent trends in its application of analytics solutions. So this is all good information, but how does your company get started?

In the second half of the session, we will talk about what we have witnessed as the best practices for building up analytics capabilities within organizations. From how you recruit talent, to how to structure an effective group, and how you can keep the group fresh within your organization. The key to success is to think about your analytics team not as just another group, but as a group that the whole organization uses to make better decisions with the data you have (or could get).