Session 10: What Should I Know About Open Source Software?

Mike Watson , Partner, Opex Analytics

Are you sick of hearing the term ‘Open Source’ thrown around but not really understanding what it is or more importantly whether it could be of value to your business? The truth is, the Open Source Market is strong and robust. Many open source tools offer advantages over the commercially available tools. By finding ways to take advantage of this open source software, you may be able to drive down the cost of projects in general and further enable new analysis of all kinds.

This session will take you through the landscape of open source products and our experience with each. This include tools for analysis (like R and Python — and lesser known but powerful packages like TensorFlow), database tools (like Postgres), Big Data tools (like Hadoop and Spark), IoT tools (like Spark Streaming and Cassandra), and reporting tools (like D3). We will also talk about places where commercial tools are still needed and how you can weave these in with Open Source Software. Our aim is to arm you with the ability to make informed decisions about the use of Open Source solutions from this point forward.