Session 12: Kickstart Your Business Process Automation Journey With ML

Kristen Daihes , Partner, Opex Analytics

Do you walk away from every blog, white paper or webinar on Business Process Automation wondering how it could actually apply to your own organization? All of the large scale advanced automation examples are interesting but what you really need is some good hard examples of how others are successfully taking the first few ‘baby steps’ into the world of ‘automation’.

Review this academy session led by Opex partner, Kristen Daihes, as she walks through the journey of a business process automation initiative. She will also share examples of ‘quick wins’ to get your company on board such as the use of:

– Data products automating key repetitive tasks
– Intelligent dashboards including predictive analytics to drive speed to insight

She will round out the discussion by highlighting how these examples can ultimately fuel your planning for more advanced analytics possibilities within your organization as well.