Session 17: Practical Applications in Transportation Analytics

Kristen Daihes & Mike Watson , Partners, Opex Analytics

Many firms are facing rising transportation costs, rising penalties for missing delivery windows (sometimes called OTIF), and pressure from customers for faster (and even same-day) delivery. It seems impossible to mitigate this. The truth is, there are many practical examples of applying analytics in order to alleviate or be proactive when it comes to dealing with this volatile and challenging transportation environment. From predicting carrier load acceptance to innovative analytics for last mile delivery strategies, companies must start using their data to find ways to better understand and plan around the current transportation landscape.

This session will dive into the current state of the transportation market, common industry pain points and highlight analytics approaches aimed at:

– Determining what is really happening
– Defining root causes
– Predicting future trends, patterns and behaviors
– Recommending actions to minimize/maximize key objectives

We will share cases from our research and industry experiences in order to kickstart thoughts around applying similar analytics approaches to your own operations.