Session 18: Uncovering the True Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing

Vish Oza, Marketing & Ad Tech Principal, Opex Analytics

Like any other business function, marketers need to measure ongoing performance in order to optimize their marketing spend. Over time, this task has become a much greater challenge due to an ever-increasing landscape of analytical approaches claiming to solve this exact problem.

With so many solutions buried in buzzwords like Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Analytics and Predictive Modeling, an appreciation for the holistic approach to data-driven decision-making is completely lost. Being data-driven should always start with a clear alignment of the business needs with the data, science, and technology capabilities available. Without these fundamentals, the true value of data-driven marketing is often degraded or lost altogether.

Our 18th Academy will review the motivation for data-driven marketing and suggest a framework for the data model as well as the science and technology capabilities that empowers the marketing manager to improve performance.