Session 19: IoT – An Introduction for Operations That Goes Beyond Predictive Maintenance

Ganesh Ramakrishna , Partner, Opex Analytics

The discussion of IoT (Internet of Things) in operations often starts and ends with predictive maintenance. All too often, tons of time is spent talking about predicting very big and rare events such as major component failures. This typically does not translate into good predictions or a good investment in the long term.

In reality, IoT can be much more than predictive maintenance. HBR recently wrote an article with a bit of an over-hyped title, “The Death of Supply Chain Management,” suggesting that IoT will play a large role in automating and changing many functions in the supply chain and operations. While the buzz is there, a clear foundation and an honest look at best practices is not.

In this webinar, we’ll cover the basics of how IoT can make an impact within your operations, how IoT is more than collecting data (you need AI (Artificial Intelligence) as well) and we’ll hit on some of the more advanced topics we see looming on the horizon. We will round out the discussion with our thoughts on the new types of skills you and your organization might need to succeed in this area.