Session 21: Machine Learning + Optimization – Harnessing the Practical Power of These Combined Technologies

Ganesh Ramakrishna & Ronan O’Donovan , Partners, Opex Analytics

In the last five years, technology-driven businesses like Amazon have benefited immensely from using Machine Learning (ML). By identifying complex and empirical relationships in data, ML improves customer service and predicts business outcomes such as inventory availability and demand forecasts. On the other hand, Optimization (aka Operations Research) is the backbone behind some of the most intelligent enterprise software ever built — from managing electric grids to redesigning complex global supply chains to pricing cruise packages.

Since our inception, we’ve researched and implemented many solutions that combine ML and Optimization, maximizing the potential of both techniques. Based on this work we are convinced the smartest AI-enabled solutions of the future will be based on a joint application of both technologies. In this Academy, we’ll “go under the hood,” exploring this powerful combination via examples of actual success stories. You’ll leave with a better understanding of the why and how behind this collaboration as well as ways to implement it within your own operations.