Session 22: Enhancing the Customer Experience with AI

Kristen Daihes, Partner, Opex Analytics

Companies can no longer ignore the importance of the new buzz about customer interactions now freshly minted as ‘Customer Experience.’ Some go as far as to claim it has become the foundation of the new `competitive battlefield’ amongst the market.

But what exactly is Customer Experience, how does it impact your business and what are the key areas for improvement and sustainability? A recent blog emphasizes the idea that: “it is no longer the product that leads but the customer preferences that are driving growth.” You must watch your customers to learn what they really need, predict how those needs will evolve or impact their perceived value and then optimize their experiences based off of this.

This session will begin by defining Customer Experience, how it is changing and why it is important. We will share practical examples of how you can enhance these experiences using AI. We will then wrap up with a discussion on what this all means for the new skills needed in your organization.