Session 23: The Magic of Turning Algorithms Into Applications

Ronan O’ Donovan, Partner, Opex Analytics

What good are powerful algorithms if your business has no way to apply them? What does it mean to ‘productize’ your solutions? What options do you have when attempting this? What value does this create?

The bottom line is that algorithms create value only when they are made useful to the business. The business community now understands the value of custom algorithms to create a competitive advantage. But they also fear it because of the difficulty associated with deploying these algorithms as practical and sustainable business applications.

In this academy session, we will walk you through our own best practices for converting algorithms into applications. We will showcase our platform, but also walk you through other common approaches – both commercial and open sourced. What works best for you will depend on where you are in your own AI journey.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about and see examples of business value being created on the front lines through best in class deployment of AI.