Session 25: Understanding Automation – What to Use Where?

Mike Watson & Andy Fox, Partner & Principal, Opex Analytics

How does AI help with Automation? Does Automation always involve robots? What is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)? How does any of this solve the problems my business faces on a daily basis?

These are all common questions in a world where new articles about robots taking over a company’s operational tasks surface daily (if not hourly). The truth is, the term Automation (like AI and RPA) covers a broad set of applications. Many of them don’t involve robots at all.

Review this session where we dive into the many forms of automation being implemented at companies just like yours. We will define the many classes of automation, where they provide value, level of difficulty in implementation and how they fit into an enterprise’s broader AI journey. From RPA, to making predictions, to making decisions we will reveal the truth behind their technical requirements as well as provide examples of where they work best.