Session 29: Machine Learning for your Inner Jasmine – Making ML Real in Business

Ganesh Ramakrishna & Emily Kelly, Partner & Business Consultant

May 29 2019

My inner what? Your inner Jasmine. ‘Jasmine’ is an essential persona in any company’s AI success. She/He is an all-star manager who is adept at understanding business problems and thinking through how to solve them using AI.  Jasmine is not a technical expert in algorithms nor does she have a machine learning degree. So what knowledge does she/he possesses in these areas that makes her/him so successful? Based on our own client experiences, we realize it’s actually a very learnable skill for managers with a strong business background and organizational savvy.

Join us for this month’s academy to find out how Jasmine navigates through the complex world of algorithms without being a data scientist herself.  In this session we will provide you with frameworks and cases centered on application rather than just science. Our goal is to equip you with the ability to ‘think like Jasmine’ and improve your ability to discover, define and champion valuable AI solutions within your own organization.