Session 30: Unmasking Today’s Supply Chain AI Hype – From S&OE to Digital Twins to Control Towers and Beyond

Kristen Daihes, Partner

Jun 26 2019

Conferences, webinars and social media inundate us with talk of revolutionary artificial intelligence that will surely transform our supply chains.  The hype leaves us excited and intrigued by the promise of these new technologies. Upon reflection however, we often realize it’s unclear what it all means and how it fits into the bigger picture.  How is it different than what we were talking about last year? What is the core technology that actually fuels it? Is this really new or just a new way of thinking about it?

Join us for this session where we will dive into the hype and uncover the real solutions behind the buzzwords. The evolution of Artificial Intelligence will continue to create tremendous value across supply chains in all industries.  The challenge for us is to continue to demystify what the market is talking about, translate that into solutions for our businesses, and implement what drives real value to our bottom line.