Session 31: A Short Tour of Essential Data Science Technologies – What, When & Why?

Ronan O'Donovan, Hari Murakonda, Javier Recasens and Jamie Green, Partner and Data Scientists

Jul 31 2019 (U.S.) / Aug 1 2019 (Europe)

The modern Data Scientist has to be good with a wide range of technologies. Pair that with an ever growing landscape of available tools, products and programming languages.  From Spark for Data Engineering, to Tensorflow for Deep Learning, to DataRobot for ML Automation and many many more. Which ones are most valuable to master? When is best to use them? What are they best suited to handle?

In this month’s exciting Academy session, we invite all Data Scientists (and those working directly with data science teams) to join us for an interview style presentation focused on introductions to what our own team of data scientists deem to be the ‘best products to know’ in 2019.  Hari Murakonda, Javier Recasens and Jamie Green will walk you through these technologies, talk about effective (or not effective) use-cases based on their work at Opex, and offer some tips and best practices on general use.